MR. EMEKA MBA Director-general, National Film and Video Censors Board

MR. EMEKA MBA Director-general, National Film and Video Censors Board

How time flies. Just last year we held the maiden edition of the Gospel Films in Nigeria. That we are gathered here today for the second of the Gospel Films Festival is an eloquent testimony that the maiden was not an accident in history. Rather, today’s event is justification that the organizers of this film festival have a history with destiny, as the story of Gospel film festival in Nigeria would be incomplete without mentioning them.

The famous Cannes Film Festival in France was first started by two brothers, before the government bought into it to widen the scope. Taking a critical look at this year’s theme, “Good Films…..Good News,” we at the Board could not have wished for a better theme.

Filmmakers in Nigeria have most often than not taken the consumers for a ride by dishing out contents that are wishy-washy. The Board has on several occasions through its censorship decisions queried some of these films as not befitting our standing as a great video making nation. We at the Board welcome film festivals of this nature as it provides the filmmakers with the enabling environment for interaction between Drama ministers, Film producers, Directors, Screen writers, TV producers, Copyrighters among others.

We are not unmindful of the acceptability which the gospel film genre has earned for itself. We are looking forward to seeing the gospel films compete on the big stage with their counterparts on the secular side by promoting and premiering works on cinemas and earn fat box office income as well.

Once more accept our congratulations.

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