I greet you all in the name of our maker. It is wit sincere humility that I send this few words across to you. I feel blessed to know the organizers of this event and I am sincerely proud of these young but very focused Nigerians who are forging ahead with the vision of taking gospel film-making to the greatest of heights in their own unique way.

The retinue of participants, guests, facilitators and well wishers involved in the event, to me, shows the kind of importance attached to it by stakeholders and this no doubt, is in view of what the idea can grow to become within a few years.

I believe the forum will avail stakeholders the opportunity to rob minds and share ideas about how to make the industry the envy of many in the black world within a short time.

Permit me to just say that the gospel movie industry has come a long way in Nigeria and I join others who share this view to congratulate the stakeholders. However, the truth is that we are still a long way from where we all should be. I am truthfully glad that we are moving in that direction that will take us to great heights because in a society where funds are scarce to do world class productions, I see a lot of sacrifices from individuals and groups. Many spend their hard-earned resources to make sure their films get done without a hope of recovering the funds spent not tp talk of making profits. This, I say, is a great deal of surprise. We need a little more of it to take us to the place of recognition. Getting to that place will not be long.

In a couple of weeks Dove Media will be convening a stakeholders’ interactive forum for us to share thoughts on what the demands in the market are. We get some of the feedbacks from the viewing public concerning these productions. There is a need therefore for us to talk about how to do it better. I hope to see most of you there.

Once again, I congratulate the organizers for the vision and success of the event.

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